An Ordinary Baby written by John

Every parent thinks their child is special or cute.  I try to downplay this as my wife enjoys believing that every time someone says, “Kawaii,” it means her daughter must be the cutest girl in Tokyo.  “She is just an ordinary baby,” I reply, hoping to keep her image of her child based in reality.  It often has the opposite effect.


The other day she came home and told me that a lady with a big camera had asked if she could take some pictures of the child in Yoyogi Park because the lady thought our daughter was so cute.  She took some photos and showed them to my wife.  They were very nice.  Then she asked if she could use them on her blog, and my wife said, “Of course.”


“Blog?  What blog?” I asked.  It turns out the lady has a website where she shows all the pictures of children she has taken.  She has a studio where she takes their pictures for parents she has met in the park.  So now it seems that because she told my wife that our daughter is cute, I will have to take her to the studio for birthday pictures, Shichi-go-san pictures, New Year’s pictures, etc.  “She is just an ordinary baby,” I said to my wife… who was no longer listening because she was checking her daughter’s pictures on “the blog.”

Follow me!


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