Where is the charger?

“Where is the charger for the camera?” the wife asked.  We have been looking for it for a week so we can use the camera.  At Big Camera they wanted five thousand yen for a new charger so we decided to keep looking around the house.  I found three chargers on a shelf; none of them fit into the camera, and we have no idea what they do charge… maybe some old phones.

I went to my box of old electrical odds and ends: adapters  wires, chargers, cables, and other things I do not know the names of.  None of the chargers fit the camera.  In fact, none of the chargers seem to fit anything.  Each electronic gadget has its own charger and that charger cannot be used on any other gadget. We tried our cell phone chargers, iPhone chargers, iPad, iPod, and any other chargers we could think of.

By this time all the chargers were in a tangled heap on the kitchen table.  Exasperated and exhausted, I threw all of them into the box.  Maybe I left it in the pocket of some coat hanging in the closet, I thought, as I went off to look for it.  “Hey, have you seen my iPhone charger?” the wife inquired from the sofa.  “Oh yeah, it is in the box on the table… good luck finding it,” I said.


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