First Pet written by John

My daughter got a goldfish as a present at the local matsuri. Back at the house I put it into a bowl with some water. We do not want her first pet to die just yet. The little girl climbed up on the chair so she could see the fish swimming in its temporary, salad-bowl home. Unable to resist, she reached in and tried unsuccessfully to grab the fish. I told her to let the fish swim and not to touch it a few times, but of course, she paid no attention, absorbed as she was in her mission to get her hands on the fish.

The babysitter arrived and I explained about her lunch and gave instructions how to take her to her first Halloween party later that day. Now I was free to leave. The babysitter by this point had noticed my daughter’s fascination with the fish and asked her why she wanted to get her hands on the fish. Without hesitation she replied, “Tabetai!” – I want to eat it! I looked at the babysitter, said, “Good luck,” and escaped out the front door…. I wonder if the fish will still be there when I get home tonight?

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