I am free

投稿者: | 2013年5月25日

I am free!  Well… for a week, anyway.

My wife and daughter are off to Bali for a business trip, or so she says.  That means I can drink beer and eat pizza every night.  I can let the dishes pile up in the sink.  It is back to the bachelor life for one whole week.

Of course, she left a list of things she wants done before she returns, any one of which would require hours of labor and sweat: bookshelves for the daughter, a new wooden deck for her roses (which means cutting and uprooting the “sasa” first), and a few other things I may “forget to do.”

Hmm, come to think of it, if I do not do any of the things on the list, she will never let me stay alone for a week again.  And if I do all the things on the list, she will think it is a really great way to get things done….  Where is that list?  I had better get started.



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